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May 14, 2014 $15´553,- SHIPS FOR SALE Type: Oil Deadweight: 355 mt  Built: 1987  Class: IACS  Draft: 99.9m 

GOOD DAY ! SHIPS FOR SALE ! (СУДА НА ПРОДАЖЕ) ------------------------------------------------------------ TYPE : GENERAL CARGO BUILT : 1988 C

Oct 07, 2017 $485´000,- Oil Tanker Vessel Type: Oil Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 1969  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 9.5m  Flag: United States 

SELL VESSEL DETAILS Light weight at 2204 MTS QUESTIONAIRRE VESSEL DETAILS FORM NO. PARTICUL DETAILS 1, Vessel Name: 2, IMO Number: 3, Ex Name (s): 4,Type BULK CARRIER 5, Light Weight (LDT

Dec 30, 2016 $2,- GENERAL CARGO SHIP/TWEEN DECK 2000, JAPAN BLT Type: General Cargo Deadweight: 8 mt  Built: 2000  Class: IACS  Draft: 9.0m 


May 06, 2014 $5´200´000,- OIL BUNKERING TANKER 9257 DWT FOR SALE Type: Oil Deadweight: 9257 mt  Built: 1989  Class: IACS  Draft: 7.6m 

Oil/bunkering tanker, double bottom/double sides, DWT 9250 t, draft 7,6 m, built 1989, Romania, Galati, L 127,8 m, B 20 m, D 10 m, class IACS ice class, GMDSS A1+A2+A3, 14 cargo tanks, capacity 8261

Sep 23, 2016 $6´000´000,- OIL CHEMICAL TANKER 8000 DWT FOR SALE Type: Oil Deadweight: 8000 mt  Built: 1998  Class: IACS  Draft: 7.5m 

We can develop for sale directly from Owners following tanker: Oil/Chemical tanker, double sides, IMO I&II, DWT 8000 t, draft 7,45 m, built 1998, Denmark, class IACS ice class 1A, SS due Sept, 20

Dec 30, 2016 $1,- GENERAL CARGO SHIP / TWEEN DECKER BUILT: 1991, JAPAN Type: General Cargo Deadweight: 7000 mt  Built: 1991  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 7.5m 

GENERAL CARGO SHIP / TWEEN DECKER BUILT: 1991, JAPAN DWT/DRAFT: 7,000 T / 7.50 M GRT/NRT: 5,520 / 2,300 T LDT: 2,385 T LOA/LBP/B/D: 97.00 / 90.00 / 17.75 / 12.95 M M/E: HANSHIN 4,000 PS X 220 RP

Jan 24, 2017 $1´700´000,- MPP TWEEN ROLO 8400 DWT FOR SALE Type: General Cargo Deadweight: 8400 mt  Built: 1994  Class: IACS  Draft: 7.4m 

Remind you for sale from Owners following vessel: MPP flush-tweendecker RoLo, DWT 8400 t, draft 7,36 m, built 1994, Japan, class NK, L 120 m, B 20 m, 2 Ho/2 Ha, grain/bale 17120/16420 CBM, 156 TE

May 13, 2016 best offers MPP ROLO FLSUH TWEENDECKER DWT 8400 BLT 1994 FOR SALE Type: General Cargo Deadweight: 8400 mt  Built: 1994  Class: IACS  Draft: 7.3m 

DIRECTLY FROM OWNERS/MANAGERS FOLLOWING VSL FOR SALE: MPP flush-tweendecker RoLo, DWT 8400 t, draft 7,36 m, built 1994, Japan, class NK, L 120 m, B 20 m, 2 Ho/2 Ha, grain/bale 17120/16420 CBM, 15

Dec 30, 2016 best offers general cargo Built 1977 Norway dwt 3800 Type: General Cargo Deadweight: 3800 mt  Built: 1977  Class: IACS  Draft: 7.0m 

general cargo Built 1977 Norway GT 2.200/ NT 1.400 dwt 3.800 tons Registred length: 75.00 m L.o.a. 82,00 m Beam 13,00 m Draft 7.00 m Airdraft in ballasting condition: below 28 m 1 Hold / 1 Ha

May 06, 2014 best offers FREEZING FACTORY TRAWLERS 1900 DWT FOR SALE Type: Trawlers Deadweight: 1900 mt  Built: 1994  Class: IACS  Draft: 6.6m 


May 06, 2014 $1´800´000,- REEFER VESSEL 4300 DWT FOR SALE Type: Trawlers Deadweight: 4330 mt  Built: 1980  Class: IACS  Draft: 6.5m  Flag: Russia 

Reefer carrier, built 1980, Japan, class IACS, DD due 2015, SS due 2017, DWT 4337 t, draft 6,5 m, L 112,9 m, B 16 m, D 9,7 m, 3 Ho/3 Ha, capacity 4970 CBM, 9 compartments, 9 separate zones, temper

May 13, 2016 best offers OIL TANKER 4700 DWT BLT 2010 ICE CLASS FOR SALE Type: Oil Deadweight: 4700 mt  Built: 2010  Class: IACS  Draft: 6.2m 

Directly from close Owners oil tanker, which was equipped according to IACS class requirements and purchased from the yard for offshore supply project. One Owner from the delivery to present time. Th

May 06, 2014 $2´200´000,- BIG FREEZING FACTORY TRAWLERS 2000 DWT FOR SALE Type: Trawlers Deadweight: 2200 mt  Built: 1983  Class: IACS  Draft: 6.0m 

BFFT2240-1983 - Big freezing factory trawler, DWT 2240 t, draft 6 m, built 1983, Poland, class IACS ice class 3, SS due Aug, 2016, DD due June, 2015, L 102,6 m, B 17 m, D 10,4 m, capacity 1500 t o

Jun 21, 2017 $3,- Freesing factory trawler DWT 1800 t for sale Type: Trawlers Deadweight: 1800 mt  Built: 1981  Class: IACS  Draft: 6.0m 

Directly from Owners big freezing trawler for sale: Freezing fish-factory trawler BATM type, built 1981, Ukraine, IACS class, ice class B, SS due Oct, 2019, last DD Dec, 2015, DWT 1810 t, draft 6 m

Jun 23, 2015 best offers Large freezer trawler type "Pulkovskiy Meridian" project in 1288 Type: Trawlers Deadweight: 1810 mt  Built: 1987  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 5.9m  Flag: Russia 

Purpose: - Fishing with bottom and midwater trawls - Processing of fish in frozen products 60t / d - Production of canned cod liver 6000 (cans / day) and the semi-Medical Fat 2.4 (for raw materials

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