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Mar 31, 2014 $500´000,- TANKER BARGE - SINGLE HULL Type: Oil Deadweight: 857 mt  Built: 1982  Class: IACS  Draft: 0.0m 

Built 1982 in Greece, DWT 857t, 42.95m x 8m x 3.85m depth, to be delivered with RINA Class for next 5 years!! Mercedes 256bhp. Cargo pump, hydraulic crane. Vessel reported to be in 'as new condition

Mar 31, 2014 $700´000,- anchor TUG/SUPPLY VESSEL w/55T BOLLARD PULL Type: Ocean Tugs Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 1970  Class: IACS  Draft: 0.0m 

Built Germany 1970, Class GL + 100 A5 ME ‘Tug’ + MC, 2 x MAK with 3601bhp, 12.5 knots, approx 18.000nm cruising range, aux engines x 3, bow thruster, towing winches x 3 + 50 ton towing hook. PROMPT IN

Mar 31, 2014 $1´300´000,- COASTAL DAY PASSENGER-CAR-TRUCK LANDING CRAFT TYPE FERRY 'CATEGORY C' Deadweight: 1400 mt  Built: 1985  Class: IACS  Draft: 0.0m 

Built 1985 in Greece, Russian classed (IACS), DWT 1400mt, 72m x 14.30m, clear deck space is 68m x 12.30m, Caterpillar 2 x 1125bhp twin screw, 11 knots, 90 European type cars, 330/938 pax winter/summer

May 07, 2014 $4´460´000,- CUSTOMIZED 43 SUPER YACHT Type: Motor Yachts  Built: 2011 

built: May 2011 length: 43 meter, Beam: 9m. Hull martial: Marine Steel, painted with metallic super constructions: wood painted with fiberglass. accommodation: 10 double rooms and 4 suites ,

May 07, 2014 $560´000,- CUSTOMIZED WOODEN SAFARI YACHT 33M Type: Motor Yachts  Built: 2003 

* YEAR BUILT: - 2003 REBUILD 2010 * TYPE: - SAFARI YACHT * LOA: - 32 * BEAM: - 8 * INTL GRT: - 207 * INTL NRT: - 144 Speed: 14 mile * DRAFT: - 180 LCD: LOCATION: Hurghada MODEL: Safari yacht B

May 07, 2014 $560´000,- customized 38 METER steel dive yacht Type: Motor Yachts  Built: 2006 

Boat Specifications 1) Built in 2005 /2006 2) License: Egyptian Coastal Passenger ship with a maximum capacity of 28 guests +8 crew, Licensed to dive the of shore Islands in Areas “A

May 07, 2014 $320´000,- 4Lay down steel yacht for sale. Type: Motor Yachts  Built: 2004 

this boat was lay down since 2009 it need to be renew our company can give a quote for that Building: 2001 - 2004 in Suez, Read Sea First splash- down: 11.2004 Maintenances: Jan. - März 2007 Hull

May 07, 2014 $1´400´000,- LLOYD'S CLASSED SAFARI YACHT Type: Motor Yachts  Built: 2005 

Dimensions Draught 0.000 KTMH 0.000 Depth 3.720 Length Overall 42.000 Length (BP) 35.000 Breadth Extreme 7.332 Breadth Moulded 7.080 blt year: 2005 Cabins: 2 King suites, 2 Queen suites, 2 fa

May 08, 2014 $1´800´000,- 40m. Customized steel Safari Boat. Type: Motor Yachts  Built: 2007 

Capacity 26 persons Length 40 metres / 130 feet Beam 8 metres Engine 2x MAN diesel 1150HP each Generator 2x Mercedes 138Kw silent generators Sweetwater 18 tons plus desalination device (2 tons/da

Jun 05, 2014 best offers New building of 24M Supply Oil Ship for sale(T001) Type: Oil Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 0  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 0.0m 

L.o.a: 23.98M L.w.l: 23.50M L.b.p: 22.70M Beam: 9.80M Deepth: 3.65M Design draft: 2.65M Capacity of cargo holds: abt337.52M3 DWT: abt 326.6t M/E: NT 855-M,216KW 2 Speed: 10K

Jun 18, 2014 best offers OFFSHORE JACK UP/DRILLING RIGS /PSV Type: Drillships Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 0  Class: IACS  Draft: 0.0m 


Jun 18, 2014 best offers OFFSHORE JACK UP/DRILLING RIGS/PSV Type: Semi-Submersables Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 0  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 0.0m 


Jun 21, 2014 best offers Fast Pax Ferry with small options 2 vehicles plus Type: Ferries Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 0  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 0.0m 

YEAR: 2008 FLAG: OF BUYER CLASS: Lloyds Register (LR) ✠100A1 SSC Passenger Catamaran, HSC, G2 ✠ LMC UMS LOA: 41.0m BEAM: 12.0m DRAFT: 1.6m AIR DRAFT: 8.25m MAX AIR DRAFT WITH MAST: 10.35

Sep 03, 2014 best offers HAGGLUNDS DENISON DRIVES AB (MB 84 Series) Type: Triple E Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 0  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 0.0m 

We have the following High Torque Hydraulic Motors in ready-to-sale stock:- HAGGLUNDS DENISON DRIVES AB (SWEDEN) Type: MB 84 33800 A2 LN 0219 INDIVID NO: 611 3 8 17419 Displacement: 33780cm3/r Ma

Sep 23, 2014 best offers Engine /Turbines Governors Control Systems Type: BIBO Deadweight: 0 mt  Built: 0  Class: Non IACS  Draft: 0.0m 

Woodward PSG,SG, UG-8D, UG-8L, UG-10D, UG-25D, UG-40L, UG-40D, PGD, PGPL, EGB, EGB P, EGB-10P, EGB-58P, PGA, PGA-12, PGA-50, PGA-58, PGA-200, PGA-300, PGA-500, PGA-EG-12, PGA-EG-200, PGA-EG-500, P

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